0 Illamasqua nail polishes in Nomad and Collide

I am quite a lazy person and seldom put on nail polish unless i have to. But if u were to ask me which brands do i like for nail polishes, other than YSL and OPI, I do like Illamasaqua's even though they are more known for their make up. 

Most of their nail polishes (why I say most, is because there are a few colours which still need serveral coats of layering before I get the opaque finish) give a opaque finish which just one or two coats. Secondly, the ones I bought all applied smoothly without streaking and I like that the brush is thick, so it helps me to apply the nail polish more easily .

2 of the colours I bought from them are Nomad (mint green) and Collide ( a neon pink with slight coral undertone to it). I love them both equally.  As for lasting power, HEHEHH,,,nail polishes NEVER last long on me regardless what brand I use (the max maybe about 2 or 3 days before chipping) because I tend to use my hands to do all kinds of stuff and I m not exactly a very gentle sort of person. But generally, I do like the colors of the illamasqua nail polishes which I bought. I currently own 7 of them

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