0 MAC A Fantasy of Flowers lipstick haul

Bought 4 lipsticks from A Fantasy of flowers. All 4 lippies are of the lustre finish and have sheer colour payoff which requires layering for the color to appear. I would not comment on the lasting power as being Lustres (high shine texture), I would not expect them to last long on me. Anyway, I don't mind touching up my lippies.  The colours I bought were

Heavenly Hybrid
Dreaming Dahlia
Rose Lily

Of the 4 lipsticks I love Dreaming Dahlia the most and Rose lily the least (Rose lily no matter how much effort I tried in prepping my lips still appear patchy on me :( )

Snapdragon has a slightly shimmery finish which when applied makes it look like I am wearing a gloss with shimmers in it. I had to layer about 3 to 4 layers of this color to get it to appear more opaque. Its quite a nice colour, but I wished it could be slightly more opaque. It's strange that some Lustre lipsticks have more color payoff, whilst others are more sheer. Would not recommend this to people with very pigmented lips, as it would probably end up looking like u were just wearing a layer of whitish pink shimmery gloss with sheen  on lips with not much color payoff.

Heavenly Hybrid This has slightly more payoff than snapdragon and once again as it is a Lustre lipstick it applies more sheer on the lips than how it looks like on the tube (refer to the 2 pics above). For this lippie I needed only 1 - 2 layers for it appear on my lips.  It applied smoothy on the lips

Dreaming Dahlia It is not as bright as in a tube, and requires about 2 layers of application. But it is a very pretty coral colour and goes on pretty smooth. This is my favourite of the 4 lippies from this collection. Such a wearable everyday colour. 

Rose Lily I dislike this lipstick a lot. Not only is it sheer, but it goes on patchy on me no matter how much I prep and prime my lips. And I notice that I always have this problem with milky pink lipsticks of similar colours. But still I keep buying them Geesh. I think I must make it a point not to buy any more milky pink lippies. From experience, They turn out horrible on me... Patchy like u can see in this pic. I tried applying and reapplying several times to get a good pic, but alas this was the best i could get (Yeah I know it looks UNFLATTERING and not evenly applied, but this is the problem I have with this lipstick) If u were to ask me to rate this lippie. I would give it 1/5. Sheer and uneven application. :X
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