0 MAC Antonio Lopez face kit in pink

Being a fashion brand, MAC from time to time collaborate with fashion designers for their collection. For this yr, MAC specially released a collection featuring Antonio Lopez fashion illustration on their packaging for their face,eye and lip palettes. This collection also features a tote bag, a cosmetic pouch and also a #129SH brush.

For those who don't know who Antonio Lopez is (Well I also didn't know who he was prior to this collection as well), He was a  prominent fashion illustrator whose works was featured in various fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper's bazaar and the Elle. 

As for myself, I hauled both face kits and 2 eye palettes from the collection. I am very attracted to the illustration on the kits. It's somewhat whimiscal but at the same time fashionably chic as well For this post I will be reviewing on the face kit in pink. Both the pink and coral face kits feature the same packaging of the same girl

And inside each of the face kit, it feature a contour and highlighting shade and as well as a blush color. Perfect for people who are on the go and want all three in one. It is slidable so it is very compact and handy for travelling. Only down side, it is pretty pricey for these palettes. To be exact, it cost me $90 SGD for each of these palettes. Ouch, but I really like the illustration on this kit and the combination of the colors.

The pink face kit consists of the following;
1. Peaceful Beauty powder (Mid Tone peach) => contour shade
2. Belightful iridiscent powder (light bronze with gold shimmer) => highlight shade
3. Pure feminity powder blush (Mid tone blue pink, satin finish)

Peaceful beauty powder may look dark in the pan, but when applied it is much sheerer and is buildable. As for Belightful irridescent powder, it is a repromote. It has chunky glitters in it, so do not go overboard when u highlight with this. Less is more when it comes to highlighting with Irridiscent powders from my experience. Pure feminity blush also looks bright in the pan but applies more sheer and is buildable. Kinda reminds me of Nars Desire blush but a much toned down version of it. 

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