0 MAC Antonio Lopez face kit in Coral

As mentioned in my previous post, this was the other face kit which i purchased from the MAC Antonio Lopez collection. Packaging wise it is the same as the pink face kit, with the same illustration of the same girl on the front and the same sliding out packaging. Whilst the pink face kit is leaning more towards the cool side, the coral one is definitely leaning more towards the warm side and imho, of the two palettes, this one suit more skintone colors than the pink kit

The face kit consists of the following shades
1. Smooth harmony beauty powder (med brown peach) => contour shade
2. Star! Irridiscent powder (Pale beige with shimmer) => highlight shade
3. Passion for calor (Coral pink) => blush

Smooth Harmony blush as compared to its counter part in the pink face kit is definitely much more pigmented and if used light handedly it can be used as a peachy orangey blush as well as a contour color at a same time. Star! Irridisecent powder on the other hand is not as shimmer/glittery as Belightful IP and gives more of a sheen on the cheekbones rather than glitter glitter. Passion for color somewhat reminds me of a cross between fleur power blush and Royal sunset (LE blush from MAC all about orange), not as pink as fleur power, but not as orange as Royal sunset. All three colors apply smoothly, color is medium-buildable and lasting power bout 8hrs of wear.
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