0 MAC Antonio Lopez - 6 eyes violet palette

This was yet another item I purchased from MAC antonio lopez. I was very attracted to the packaging and color combination in the palette. The palette features another illustration of of one of Antonio Lopez muses on the cover (diff girl from the face kit) and it contains 6 shades of color in a very compact casing.


But as to color pay off, some colors in this palette needed quite a bit of packing it on (and with an eye primer below) to get it to appear stronger, so it was kinda a disappointment as I had hoped that the colors especially the pink and the purple one would apply more smooth and more intense.

Lithe Spirit (Satin): Some what reminds me of a cross of Brule and Vanilla e/s in MAC's regular colors. It says it's a satin finish, but i feel this comes across more matte abeit a bit chalky.

Envisioning Pink (Satin): Applies slightly better than Lithe Spirit, but i still have to use a synthetic brush like MAC #242 and pack it on to get the color to appear better

Violet Impact (Veluxe pearl): The most disappointment color in the palette. I had wished for this color to be stronger, and being a Veluxe pearl finish I had expected this color to be buttery smooth in texture just as with MAC's other usual veluxe pearl finish eyeshadows. But not so in this case. It is quite chalky and as with the previous 2 colors I had to put in a little more effort to get this color to appear true to its pan

Showgirl (Veluxe pearl): Applies much better than the other 3 colors mentioned above. Kinda reminds me of MAC silver ring e/s.

Graphic style (Veluxe pearl): Smooth and blendable finish, just slightly darker than Showgirl.

Carbon (matte): I still prefer the very very old batch of carbon which I bought many yrs ago and which I still have up to today. The carbon in this palette and the new batches just cannot be compared to the old batches.

Overall review: I bought this palette mainly for the pink and the purple, but the color payoff of these 2 colors kinda disappointed me even though I can still with GREAT EFFORT (with an eye primer and a synthetic brush) get the colors to work but still i would have prefered if the texture of the pink and the purple e/s were not so chalky. It is a shame actually as the packaging is really cute but the colors is just mehz.... : (
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