0 MAC Glamourdaze Color collection Haul

I keep telling myself that I have to go on a make up ban, but whenever MAC releases a new collection, I can't help buying especially if there are NEW blusher colors being released. Arggh. Same goes for this collection. I bought the following

All 3 blushers (Being a blush whore, I had to buy ALL)
1. I'm the One
2. Easy Manner
3. Small Vanity

2 lipstcks and a lipgloss in
1. Outrageously Fun
2. Innocent
3. Talk softly to Me

I tested out Beauty lipstick @ the counter as well, But it was too pale and ashy on me by itself, So I skipped that even though I could use that as a mixing color, but I foresee myself not to wear that often so.. I skipped. I already own both the extra dimension skinfinishes from another collection so I skipped that and the e/s as well (felt that the colors were quite common, nothing that really WOWed me). Coz I gotta save some $$$ for the holiday sets. 

Here are some pics and comparison swatches of products which I feel are quite similar but not quite the same to the stuff I bought

I'm the One (Satin) - Quite similar to MAC Peony Petal with a slight pink purple undertone to it. At first judging from the Pan, I though I m the One would be lighter than Peony Petal. I was wrong. I'm the one has slightly more color payoff than Peony Petal. Both are satin finishes.

Easy Manner (Satin) - A pale neutral pink with the tiniest hint of peach.I would  say it is an in between color between Pink Tea and The Perfect Cheek, All being Satin finishes.

Small Vanity (Satin) - Brownish tone blush. Very similar to Blushbaby but with a different finish. Blushbaby being a Sheertone blush is slightly more sheer than Small Vanity

Outrageously fun kinda reminds me of a brighter and more pink version of Up the Amp which is definitely slightly darker n not as pink as Outrageously fun. I would say it would be a cross between Pink popcorn (LE lipstick from Reel sexy) & Up The Amp

Forgive me for my dry and chapped lips. Tried exfoliating it already but it's still so dry from the medication I am taking that No matter how much water I take or balm I put, it's still dry and flakey. Innocent is a frost finish lipstick with coral undertones, and if u have dry chappy lips, either u put lots of balm before it or stay away from this. Coz if ya not goin to put balm below it's gonna end up lookin a bit chappy like mine >.< Mine lips are usually not this dry though...

Not a big fan of the lipglass finish, I love this color, but dun quite like the finish for this. I've tried on other MAC lipglass before and they don't go on as uneven as this color when I first applied. But after a while it kinda settles into my lips and doesn't look as uneven as when I first applied... bUt stilll..... Nice color...but I think I would prefer this in a cremesheen formula. It's a nudish pink, best worn with stronger eye make up.

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