0 Shiseido hydro powder eyeshadows

Recently, I rampaged through my drawers and saw a couple of Shiseido The Make Up cream shadows which I haven't used in a long time. But once I started, I kept using, especially the one in the gold color (It makes an excellent everyday lazy day kinda make up color). I like the texture so much that I have decided to post a review on these 2 hydro powder eyeshadows.

The only thing is that I bought these 2 hydro powder eyeshadows (Gold lights and Languid lagoon)from Shiseido The Make Up line sooo long ago that I don't even know by now whether these are still available @ the counters or not. XD

Texture: These are of a cream to powder, mousse like texture. Feels creamy but becomes powdery once applied on the lids. They are very very smooth and blendable (nothing like MAC's paintpots which are more cream like rather than mousse like). Both colors contain shimmers which actually adhere to the skin quite well. My personal favourite is Gold lights - which can be used both as a base for other colors or just as a soft wash or all over the eyes.

Gotta check the counters, whether they still have this range or not coz I really like the texture of these

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