0 Make Up Forever Aqualiners in no 4 and no 5

Recently just bought 2 Aqualiners from MUFE in no 4 (a teal green with shimmers) and no 5 (a turqoise blue with shimmers) and I am very HAPPY to say that I am in love with these liquid eyeliners and I will be back for more colors.


1. Waterproof - VERY waterproof, it takes more effort than normal make up remover to remove 
2. I can draw 3 layers of this without it becoming too thick and crepy like some liquid eyeliners
3. It does NOT flake at all (unlike MAC superslick liners which flake on me :( )
4. The long handle makes it very easy to use and handle
5. Tip of eyeliner is firm, and not too soft to draw


1. Hard to remove...but I dun mind coz i really love the colors.
2. Quite liquidy, Need to layer up for more opaque color - but once again I don't mind as once the colors are layered up, the colors are GORGEOUS. 
3. I wished MUFE gave their colors NAMES instead of Nos, it's quite hard for me to rem  Nos.

I will definitely buy more aqualiners in the future. Love love them. Hard to find brands nowadays that sell beautiful turqoise and green liners. Geesh. I wished MAC didn't dced the colorful liquidlasts..

Top to bottom: no 4, no 5

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