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One of Taiwan's best selling brands for sheet masks, I decided to try out a few sheet masks from them; two of them being the cooling masks and aloe mask.

Cooling mask

It contains peppermint and green tea extracts that help to soothe and refresh tired skin. I really like the cooling sensation of this on my face - it really helps to refresh my skin, and replenish the moisture level in my skin. I use this when I am very tired after a long day at work and when I need something to perk my skin up.

Aloe mask

As the name suggest, the main ingredients in this sheet masks is aloe extract and rose fruit plant extracts which helps to prevent dryness and rougness. I find it effective in smoothening the dry and rough areas on my skin whenever I have a slight allergic reaction e.g small red and dry spots on the face. 

These are sold in Asia, am not too sure if these sheet masks are available outside of Asia though. I find that after using countless of other sheet masks from other brands, I think my favourite is beauty diary coz I find it to be the most effective on me.

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