0 Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

I am so glad that for last mth I manage to curb expenditure on make up by only buying one chromographic pencil. Although I have to admit that for this month I am very highly tempted to buy MAC's metal X cream shadow :X :X :X

Anyway instead of buying make up for this month, I bought one skincare from Kiehl's in the Powerful strength line reducing concentrate. According to the consultant, this is one of their best selling products and contains 10.5% pure vitamin C to help brighten skin and for radiance. I decided to give it a shot ... (Since I don't own any serum and any anti-ageing products).

Directions for use:
1. To use after cleansing and toning and before moisturiser.
2. Can be used for day and night

Comments on product:
It gives a really soft feel on the skin (somewhat of those kinda soft feel when u apply silica products on the face ya)and helps to plump up the skin. It's non greasy so it's suitable for oily skin as well. It does help to brighten the face and give slight radiance and the smooth feel helps me to apply my make up more smoothly onto the face. Only downside is the price is quite pricey for a small bottle... up to date, this is the most expensive skincare that i own. And i'm usually won't spend on skincare..... I can't say much about the line reducing effects as i still don't have much lines on my face. But i do like how it feels on my face - hydrated, soft and smooth.

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