0 Best of 2011 - Face and cheek products

My favourites for the yr 2011...some of which are HG products which I have been using for years and will always be my favourites.

Base make up
1. Best primer: MAC prep plus prime skin base visage (It's silica base and I love the smooth finish it gives on my skin)
2. Best concealer: Covermark basic formula cream foundation
3. Best Liquid foundation: Giorgo Armani face fabric foundation (Helps to minimise the look of my open pores and feels super silky smooth on my face and has a pretty light weight blendable texture)
4. Best pressed powder: MAC msf natural And MAC studio careblend (I like both a lot and I can't decide between the two :X )
5. Best powder foundation: MAC lightful foundation SPF 25 (This is a brightening foundation and from what I know is asia exclusive)

I don't really use loose powder that much so I don't have any particular favourites

Cheek products
1. Best powder  blush: MAC Joyous beauty powder blush - LE (I've found myself reaching for this blush almost everyday and this is says a lot considering that I have more than 200 blushers :X :X)
2. Best contour powder for fair skin ladies: MAC equilibrium blush (Is a brown base blush which helps to lightly scupt the face without being over the top)
3. Best highlighting powder: MAC Lightscapade msf - LE (This is HG material. Have been using this for the past 2 yrs...)
4. Best cream blush: MAC something special cremeblend blush (A very natural flush of peachy pink, works best on ladies with fairer skintones. Ladies with medium to tan skintone may wanna try Posey creme blend blush instead)

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