0 The "Shop My own Stash" Challenge

Decided to start "Shop My Own stash" challenge as I've realized that i've been neglecting too many stuff which I bought but didn't use. A very good example is the Dangerous Curvee paintpot which I bought from MAC cham Pale collection, but only used it once or 2x ever since i bought it..... Hopefully this post would remind me of the stuff that I have in my stash and to use them more often. 

I won't post the base products that i use for my face, as most of the time they are the same

So here's my very first shop my own stash challenge.... so basically these are the color make up which i used for my make up today..

Eye shadow base: MAC dangerous curvee paintpot

Eyeshadows: MAC cinderfella MES over dangerous curvee, MAC crystal avalance e/s in inner corner of eye and brow bone highlighter, MAC carbon e/s on 1/3 outer corner of eye, Bobbi Brown Caviar ink gel liner
Blush: Shu Uemura P amber 83 blush

Lip color: Japanese drug store brand 01 nudge beige lipgloss

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