0 Benefit Bella Bamba Blush

Being a blush addict, this was on my wishlist for quite a long time ever since it was launched, but I didn't get around to buying it till recently. 

The depth of the blush is slightly shallower than previous Benefit's blushers (which is a plus point as the other packagin are just a tad too bulky to bring out. And the cover is now a lift open lid instead of a cover like previously. I like like the multi dimensional shiny color on the packagin. Minus 1 pt...as packagin could be even less bulky. And what's with all this different weight of all the benefit blushers???? Some are 12g, some are 10g and some are 11g and Bella bamba is 8g. Can't they just standardize all the sizes??

Color & Texture
I would describe this as a coral pink blush. So if u like coral blushers, you would probably like this. And it's definitely more pigmented than Coralista. Suitable for all skintones. Do not that there is slight shimmers in this blush though, but they are not very obvious when applied.

Lasting power
More lasting on the face than the other Benefit's powder blushers that I own. 

Would not repurchase, as I have way too many blushers...but I do like this blusher though

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