0 MAC Make Me Over haul

Here's my review of the Mac Me Over items which I bought.
I bought both blushers, Equilibrium and Stunner and all 5 shadesticks. Am not a lip color person so I didn't buy any lipstuff and the eye shadow colors were kinda blah to me

Here's pics and swatches of the blushers. Click on pics for enlarged pic

Am very happy with both my blush buys, especially with equilibrium. I am usually not a contour nor bronzing powder person, but i was surprised at how natural it looked on my face when applied with a light hand. And I especially liked how it faded off on me by the end of the day leaving a subtle contour behind on the face. This can work well for both fair and darker skinned ladies

As for Stunner, it is nice.... and gives a rosy pink flush on the cheeks....Recommended for fair to medium dark skinned tones. It's nothing too unique, but nevertheless, nice to have. Lasts the whole day on my cheeks as with most MAC blushers

Personally, I'm not a fan of the shadesticks as usually I've to tug at them on my eyelid to get any colorpay off or warm up the color on my fingers before applying. However, I cannot resist the colors of the shadesticks in this collection. 3 are new LE colors (Street cool, Tundra and Heirloom) and 2 are repromote LE from Sugar Sweet.

I especially like tundra because of the high silverish metallic finish it gives and this will make a good base for all my silver e/s (which sometimes i've problems making them appear because they are somehow so sheer)

Cakeshop looks especially good if layered over with a green based e/s. I tried MAC's Dalliance mega meta shadow over it and i'm totally in love.

The fluidlines are calling out to me, but I've busted my budget for this mth....so maybe..if they are still in stock later in the mth I might get them. Otherwise, i'm giving them a pass. 

Update: I love heirloom shade stick too. Used it together with my Performance art e/s (from cinematics which has a slight taupe undertone to it) with satin taupe and loved how it helped to make the color of Performance Art e/s pop

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