0 Name that Lippie 2

Bought YSL rouge pur couture Mat 208 In Fuschia Fetiche and Loving it. It is a gorgeous Red lippie with a slight pink undertone to it. Although it is a matte, It is non drying. This might jolly well be my new found holy grail red lippie.

And here is Sushi kiss lipstick on me. It is a satin finish. Neither matte or glossy. 

Dodgy Girl lipstick (Matte) from Kelly osbourne. Although it says it is matte, but this feels more like a Satin finish on me, Not as drying as the normal matte lipsticks. Looks similar to up the amp in the tube, but it is lighter and more pink than Up the amp which is darker.

Flat out fabulous lipstick (Retro Matte). My favourite magenta lipstick from MAC.

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