0 Too Face Melted Liquid lipcolor In Melted Violet Review

One of my friends actually had recommended me this earlier, but i did not get about to getting this until recently. And I am so totally in love with it. 

It comes in a tube with a slanted Sponge tip applicator that makes it super easy for precise application of the lip color. And the sponge tip applicator dispenses just the right amount of colour - Not too much and not to little.

It is of a creamy texture that gives intense colour on the lips. And while I have many problems with creamy / glossy lipsticks and lipglosses after I had my temporary crowning done, this baby here surprisingly, did NOT stain my temporary crowning at all. I did not have to blot and reapply the lippie in order to prevent it from staining my tooth which most other cream / glossy lipsticks did. Another plus point.

Lasting power
It is pretty long wearing, still stayed on even after I ate which is a nice surprise as most creamy lipcolors tend to disappear after I eat foods such as ice cream or oily food

I would rate this a 5 / 5, I have nothing to fault this product about. It is the perfect shade of magenta purple for any women of any skintone. I highly recommend Melted Violet.

And last not least here are 2 pictures of me wearing Melted Violet. I cannot get enough of this lip colour!

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