0 Origins Youthopia Skin firming cream with Rhodiola

It is ages since I last updated my blog. I've always wanted to review this firming cum moisturising cream from Origins. I really really love it loads. Upon first usage, the scent might smell a bit strong, but after a while I really like this herbal scent of this firming cream. The consistency is quite creamy and slightly sticky, so I only use this in the night before going to sleep. The next day I wake up, my skin feels very supple and smooth. I've been using this with my YSL youth forever liberator serum and in combination of both products, I've noticed that the laugh lines around my mouth area are not as pronounced as before. I love the herbal smell of this cream (The herbal smell is quite strong though, so some pple may nt get used to it on the first usuage), it sort of helps me to relax before i sleep. 

Key ingredients (taken from the packaging)
- Rhodiola helps skin to rebound from damaging stress and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles
- Sunflower & barley extract helps in rebuilding skin's moisture barrier
- Plant pepticides and vitamin C help enhance skin's natural collagen production
- Buckbean extract helps firm and lift the appearance of slack contours

To add on, it is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance and animal ingredients. So if any of u are allergic to parabens or mineral oil, U can use this XD

Would buy this again and again!

Stay tuned to my next update on MAC's archie girls haul and review....
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