0 MAC Archie girls haul part I - Cheek products

Hey, I know I'm kinda late to the party but it's better late than never. To be honest, I didn't expect to end up HAULING 15 items from Archie girls. In fact, when I first learnt that MAC was to collaborate with Archie comics to come out with a collection, I was like eh? Isn't that gonna be cheesy, but I shot myself in the foot and ended up getting quite a number of items. So next time never say never :X 

I decided to split the reviews of my haul up into three parts, cheek, eyes and lips, otherwise this is gonna be a super long post. Being a blush/cheek products addict, I got myself the two blushers and two pearlmatte powders from this collection. I'm especially digging the hearts in the pearlmatte powders - but this also makes me think twice about using them. 

Here is the picture of the packaging:

Both pearlmatte powders come with Archie, betty and veronica and the two blushers each have Betty (Cream soda blush) and Veronica (Prom princess blush) printed on them

Prom princess is a pretty magenta pink blush that works on all skintone from fair to dark. But for ladies with fair skin, it is advisable to use it with a very light hand or a strippling brush like the 187 to give that nice healthy rosy red flush on the cheeks, becoz it is very easy to overdo this Prom princess blush.

Here's comparison swatches of Prom Princess blush (Satin finish) as compared to other similar MAC blushers in my existing stash:

As for cream soda, the first time I saw it, it reminded me a lot of MAC immortal flower blush (I didn't buy Immortal flower coz it was too light on me to be seen). And the weird thing about this blush is that it looks LIGHT in the pan and when swatched, but when applied on my NC20 cheeks, oh boy, it turns practically ORANGE, Nowhere like how it looks in the pan. Had to a pink blush to tone the orange down, or use it with a very light hand. 

Cream soda blush looks very similar to MAC Legendary blush (LE from MAC marilyn monroe) but it is totally different. The strange thing is that both of these blushers are SATIN, but Cream soda looks more powdery matte than satin. I can't even see the sheen in Cream Soda... BTW Cream soda and legendary, I prefer legendary as it has that wee bit of pink in it.

And last but not least, the pearlmatte powders. Pearlmatte powders are not exactly blushers, but depending on the level of pigmentation they can either be used as blushers or highlighers on the face. IMHO, both pearlmatte powders in Archie girls are pretty sheer to be worn as blushers alone especially Veronica's blush. Even when I tried to mixed it with the darker hearts, I could only see the pink sheen on my face. So I will be using Veronica's blush pearlmatte solely as a highlighting powder with my pink blushers. As for Flatter me pearlmatte, it is just slightly a bit more pigmented than Veronica's blush. I can still get away with using this as a light wash of cheek color on my cheeks but nothing too pigmented. 

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