0 YSL Effet Faux cils (Mascara volume)

I used to swear off mascaras coz I've tried a whole lot of mascaras from drugstore to high end and they didn't work on my super stubborn lashes.And ended up wearing only false lashes. Now my ex colleagues also had very stubborn lashes and she said this one worked on her. I trusted her (BTW she is quite hard to please when it comes to make up products) and headed down to the YSL counter to get one.

And I am very pleased to say that I have now found my Holy Grail mascara. It's kinda exp (well it's a luxury brand), but I don't mind paying for it coz it works for me.

1. It CURRLS my lashes without me using an eyelash curler
2. It helps my lashes to stay curled the WHOLE day (the previous mascaras jus weighed my lashes down after a while even though I didn't apply too thick).
3. Gives very good volumizing and lengthening effect that I have people thinking that I'm wearing false lashes.

1. Can get a bit clumpy, need to apply in zig zag motion and use a seperate brush to seperate the lashes
2. It is so waterproof that I have to put in quite a bit of effort to get it off but it's all worth it.

Would buy this mascara again and again. Lovin this!

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