0 Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate

I can't describe how much I loveee this serum, it may be expensive (well at least to me about SGD$90) BUT it works for me.

Key ingredients of this product:
1. Evening primose oil
2. Lavendar essential oil
3. Squalene
4. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids

I used to be skeptical about putting OILS  on my face to sleep and worried that this would clog my pores and break me out, but this has proved me wrong. I put this on at night (only 2 to 3 drops is needed for the entire face, anything more would be too much) and wake up with very smooth and supple skin with no feeling of greasiness on the skin. I have combination - dry skin for information. So if u have oily skin, I would recommend to limit the amt used to max 2 drops. It may seem little BUT it's essential oil..so 2 drops is actually more than enough esp if u have oily skin

Another pro about this product is that even though it's a rich blend of essential oils, it gets absorbed into my skin quite fast. It is recommended to use this only at night when our skin is more receptive in repairing itself.

As this product is pretty rich, I skip my moisturiser (I am using this in combination with my YSL youth liberator face serum and Kiehls Clearly Corrective dark spot solution). And i loveee the smell of (Lavendar is one of it's key ingredients) this. The lavendar smell has a soothing and calming effect on me. 

I would buy this again and again if my wallet allows me too. I love this product so much. Very seldom do I swear by a skincare product. But I swear by this.

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