0 Laurer Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturiser

Got my friend to order this online from their website (LM is about 20% more expensive in my country) as I wanted to try out their tinted moisturizer. 

All I can say is that eh erm.. I should have ordered the non-illuminating tinted moisturizer. I have pretty dry skin on my face (except the T-zone which is oily) and I still find that IF i over apply on my cheek areas, it makes me look WAY TOO GLOWY lol... Not very flattering. A little goes a long way for this product for me. It's nice when I use it in small amt though.

Definitely won't recommend this to people with oily skin, coz it will even make u more GLOWY... which is the last thing u want if u have oily skin. And it does not have any oil control. I will use this only for my cheek areas which are more dry, as for my T-zone, I would use other product as I find that it's jus too glowy for my T-zone lol! But I like the glow it gives on my cheeks. So I may use this to mix with my regular foundie for a subtle glow.

Lasting power is so-so, require touch up of powder after about 4hrs plus. 

It comes in a pretty big tube of 50ml, and with the small amt needed, I can see this lasting me for ages...

Recommend this to people who like the glowy finish and with normal to dry skin. Ladies with oily skin and large pores, stay away from this as the sheen in this may emphasize the imperfections in the skin :X  

My rating: 6/10

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