0 My make up collection part 14 - Other brands eye base (Final part!!!)

Phew! This is the FINAL part of my make up collection. Sorry that I took so long to update this blog. I will in future incorporate any new hauls into each of the relevant make up collection post (but I will consolidate them into several items into one picture if not there will be too many pics of single items which will take up too much space). 

Here are my other brands of eye shadow bases... and what have nots like cream eyeshadows in pot and paint form and of course not to forget the famous UDPP and Two Faced Shadow insurance

Click for enlarged pic

Also included in this pic are 2 pen highlighters (1 YSL touche eclat and the other is a pen highlighter from Lunasol), 3 eye glosses in tube from from Lunasol (the ones in the brown boxes), a couple of eyeshadow sticks from Top shop and some other miscellaneous brands and 3 cream eyeshadows in pot form from Shiseido. 

To be honest, UDPP is good, but I find that when it comes to wearing shimmery eyeshadows, it tends to mattify the shadow and I prefer my eyeshadows to have some shimmer rather than matte. But I think it will be good for people with oily lids or who have problems with eyeshadows staying on them. I don't have an issue with eyeshadow not staying on my lids, but i mainly use the UDPP to intensify eyeshadow colors, especially for those with little color pay off.

Comparatively, TSFI (Too faced shadow insurance) is a more liquid texture to it which i prefer. I find UDPP can be a bit too mattifying and drying for me. Functions are the same, it does intensify my eyeshadow color. Between the two, I prefer TSFI, but do note this is mainly because I have non oily lids. I know of girls  with oily lids who prefer UDPP. =)

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