0 YSL Youth liberator Serum foundation

When I first heard that YSL was coming out with the youth liberator serum foundation, i was pretty excited bout it as I am current using their youth liberator skincare series which I really love as it helped my skin become more smooth and firm than before.

Basically, as the name goes, this foundation includes their youth liberator serum (glycans or youth keys) in it to for firming, anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect. 

1. Provides medium-buildable coverage (slightly more coverage than Le teint touche eclat
    foundation, but i wouldnt call it full-full coverage, but it does help to cover up my pores 
    and evening the skin tone)
2. Gives a natural finish (as compared to Le teint touche eclat foundation which gives more
    of a high shine dewy finish)

Lasting power
1. About 8hrs of wear with a setting powder over it
2. Although this  doesn't claim to be sweat resistant, but when i danced vigorously and
    sweated quite bit, it still stayed on the face without unning. 

When I wear this, I received a lot of compliments on how good my skin was, so I will definitely be buying this again and again. I personally prefer to use this without powder on my cheek areas (with only some powder on the T-zone area, as my T-zone area tends to get oily after a while). The shade I bought was B20 (yellow toned), slightly fair on me at first, but after some time it settles and blends quite nicely into my skin. Recommend people with combination-oily skin to use an oil control primer below for even more lasting power

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