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I bought a couple of Etude house (A Korean cosmetic brand for those who are not familar with Asian cosmetics) lippies sometime back and was planning to review these but haven't got a chance to review these till now. Being Pink lippie addict, when I swatched this in the store, I couldn't resist and bought them.

The colors I bought were PK002, PK014 and PK004. (I wish they would name their lipsticks in names rather than numbers, I have a hard time remember lipsticks in numbers rather than names)

Price range: about SGD $18 (I cant remember the exact price range but it's somewhere about this range) It's not cheap but it is not exactly expensive either. 

Packaging: Comes in a cutesy pink plastic packagingwith a small pink ribbon at the bottom (Etude house is known for their cutesy girly packaging) which I don't exactly love nor hate. 

Now on to reviews and swatches of the lipsticks

PK002 is a blue based cool toned pink which i feel works better for ladies with lighter complexion. It has a very creamy finish which is similar to that of MAC's cremesheen lipsticks. May go on a bit patchy  at times. Would suggest applying one layer of this first, blot off and apply and blot off again for it to apply more evenly. I cannot wear this color alone without another make up, it makes me look .... erm weird. But it pairs very well with cool tone e/s like pinks and lilacs and mint green.

PK014 is my favourite lipstick of the 3 colors I bought, It is a fuschia pink with a matte finish. Unlike many matte lipsticks which is super drying and draggy on my lips, this lippie applies very smoothly and evenly on my lips. It is the kind of color that suits ladies of all skintones and sometimes on my off day when I dont wear make up on my face, I would just wear this color to add a pop of color on my face. Reminds me a little of NARS schiap lipstick which is jus a tad slightly brighter than this color

PK004 also has the same creamy glossy finish as PK002 and has some coral undertones to it. It is also another color which can be worn without make up just to perk up the face. I do like this color but not as much as PK014 due to the texture. I would like this much better if the texture was like PK014. Like PK002, I need to put in effort to make this look non patchy on me. Sometimes, I just don't have the time to apply, blot, apply and blot again. :( Nice color though.

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