0 Dr Jart BB cream - Black Label

Received this as a gift from a friend quite sometime back.....  To be honest, I don't get what the hype is over this BB cream craze in asia. Some (like this one I have) claims to have whitening and anti-ageing effects while others claim to moisturise the skin and etc etc. I still see no difference between these BB creams and foundations.... Just that some have lighter coverage and some have heavier coverage. BB cream to me is just a more fancy name for foundations.

This Dr Jart BB cream claims to give whitening and anti-ageing effects. But I have not seen any much changes to my skin after using this. I don't look any whiter nor do I have less lines on my face (not that i am THAT old). So thumbs down for its claims.

Texture wise: It's quite thick and paste like. So a little goes a long way, It feels more thick n heavy than some of my liquid foundations and gives medium coverage. It is long lasting and has average oil control. It has a pink-beige undertone, so it helps to tone down my yellow undertones in my skin when I'm wearing it

All in All, I wouldn't repurchase this again as I find this texture to be a bit thick to be worn on a daily basis and besides, I don't see any of the whitening or anti ageing properties that it claims to give. I rather use a color corrector of a thinner texture to correct the color of my skin undertone rather than this BB cream.

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