0 MAC make up haul for January - Metallic Nude & Huggable lipcolors

Ok, so it's only the beginning of january but I've already overspent my budget by splurging on items from MAC's latest collectioN- Metallic Nude and Huggable lipccolors.  

From Metallic Nude I bought:
1. Fairly precious extra dimension skinfinish (Light peachy pnk highlighting product)
2. Magnetic appeal extra dimension skinfinish (Light golden bronze - It's kinda an inbetween color of Glorfiy and whisper of gilt extra dimension skinfinish which was released previously)
3. Autoerotique extra dimension blush
4 Pleasure model extra dimension blush

For those who are new to MAC's extra dimension formula range of products, this range of products are a hybrid of cream and powder in one. They feel creamy-mousse like to the touch, but still give the ease of application as of that of a powder product.

From Huggable I bought 6 colors:
1. Commotion (looks like the glossy but more sheer version of MAC's rebel lippie)
2. Love Beam (sorry no picture yet)
3. Feeling amourous (a cross of MAC's insanely it lipstick & girl about town)
4. Fashion Force (Toned down version of MAC's korean candy sheen supreme lippie)
5. Cherry Glaze
6. Extra Sweet (Asia exlusive color)

The huggable lipcolors are a new formula created by MAC. Gel based and lasting power is about 6 hours of wear. Feels lip balmy on the lips. Color payoff, it is sheer to medium buildable with high shine. The more you layer, the more glossy it gets. Upon first application, it may feel a bit draggy to apply it on, but after layering it, it gets more smooth to apply. It's pretty hydrating on the lips and provides long lasting hydration on the lips and does not become patchy as with some MAC amplifed creme and matte do after few hours of wear

Here are some of the lip swatches of huggable lipsticks that i've worn so far

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