0 YSL 5 Color Harmony for eyes palette in #3

Quite sometime back, I bought an eye palette from YSL but didn't get around to using it until recently. The palette I bought belonged to the range called  ombres 5 Lumieres (Color harmony for eyes) which could be used dry only. (The other range of eye palettes which YSL carried was the Pure chromatics which could be used both Wet and Dry.)

I was attracted to #3 because I have a soft spot for bronze, orange and brown eye palettes. They just look so good in the palette together and these colors are so wearable for everyday.

In terms of texture and color payoff, 3 of the colors in the palette are towards the sheer side and (as shown in the swatch pic - the 3 middle colors) and require a base for them to appear more intense. I am in love with the first- a strong bronze orange and the the last - a dark reddish brown. These two colors have pretty good texture and color payoff is excellent and blendable. If they didn't include these two colors in this palette, I probably would not have bought this palette. These eyeshadows have a sheen to them, but nothing too glittery. 

Packaging wise as with all high end brands, it comes with 2 small eyeshadow applicators (which I don't use as I use my good ol MAC eyeshadow brushes to apply) and in a sleek luxe metallic gold compact - the signature packaging of YSL.

Overall review: 7/10 
Overall this is a pretty decent palette as all the colors can easily be worn. Only downside is the sheerness of 3 of the colors in the palette, But tht can be easily corrected by wearing an eye primer below.
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