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I know I am kinda late to the party and slow in posting, but late is better than never. heh heh.
I am totally loving the cream to powder texture of the skinfinishes and eyeshadows in this collection - super blendable with decent color payoff. But alas due to budget, I only could  buy all 3 skinfinishes and 3 eyeshadows :( If I had all the $$$ in the world, I would so buy this whole collection cause they are all super blendable. So I ended getting up Whisper of gilt, Glorfiy and Superb for the Skinfinishes and Havana, Grand Galaxy and Blue orbit for the eyeshadows. I am totally in love with these products.


These are shimmery but definitely not as glittery as ur usual mineralized skinfinishes (Plus pt = no glitter fallout ). They have a metallic kinda texture which looks really good on the cheek bone area, more so than the MSFs which can look a bit powdery at times if not blended properly. I am fair but I still bought Glorify cause it makes a beautiful bronzey gold eye color on the eyes. The pigmentation of this skinfinish is to die for. <3 <3

 Whisper of gilt skinfinish

 Glorify Skinfinish

 Superb skinfinish

As I have mentioned earlier in the posts, the texture of these shadows are of a cream to powder finish and color payoff is good and very blendable. Plus, they last the whole day on the eyes and do not crease @ all even without a primer. Definitely way much better than the metal x cream shadows imho. I wished I could have bought all, but unfortunately I am on tight budget for this mth, so I could buy only 3 and it was a very tough choice choosing 3 only :x


Grand galaxy

  Blue orbit

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